Proofreading is not editing. When you send Sharon your manuscript to proofread, she will assume that you have already had your story professionally edited. She will then look for typos, misspelled words, missing words, wrong words, and any sentence or paragraph structures that cause a hitch in the reading enjoyment.

She will not edit your manuscript, provide help with story structure, or fix huge grammar elements. She may find problems with verb tenses, especially when going between past and present tenses, but it is assumed that you’ve already made your manuscript as clean as possible.

A proofreading service is most helpful to you when:

  • you want to submit your manuscript to an agent or editor,
  • you’re in final line edit or copy edit stages for a publisher,
  • you’re getting ready to self-publish your manuscript and that manuscript has already been edited.

Please contact Sharon with any questions you may have, or if you’re ready to submit a manuscript to be proofread.